Professional Training Programs

Part-time Training Programs
In addition, Cao Thang Technical College has the following part-time training programs

1. Evening Short-term Courses

Certificate in Technical Worker (grade 3/7): Industrial Electrics; Industrial Electronics; Civil Electronics; Refrigeration Thermo-Electrics; Mechanical Repairing; Automobile Repairing; and Lathe. Training duration: 6.5 months, 7 modules for each profession.

Technician training classes: Industrial Electrics; Electronics; Refrigeration Thermo-Electrics; Automobile; Mechanical Repairing. Training duration: 8.0 months.

Advanced technology classes: Basic Hydraulics; Hydraulic Electrics; Basic and Advanced PLC Programmed Control; Basic and Advanced Mircoprocessing; Painting Technology; Numerical Technology; Controlling Technology - Capacity Electronics; EDM Operating; CNC Wire Cutting Machine; Advanced Welding Technology; CNC Lathing; CNC Milling.  

2. Other Types of Training Programs

Cao Thang provides training programs in accordance with special subjects to companies, organizations: fostering and upgrading basic specialized theories, advanced practice of the trained profession offered by the Cao Thang, and safety - labor hygiene for workers.

Cao Thang regularly organizes skill fostering classes and skill upgrading exams for workers of companies and organizations.

The school also organizes exams for issuing A1 motorbike driving license.
Besides, the school has English training programs for basic English levels A and B, and applied information technology levels A and B.